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wats, wats more wats, sunburn, cheap beer cheap food, ping pong shows and tuk tuk rides

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So after a mammoth 18 hour journey from heathrow to singapore a wait in singapore for 4 hours and a flight to bangkok we were finally in thailand we caught the skyline to phaya thai then a tuk tuk to the guest house. we discovered khao san road and one just opposite which did fantastic street food for less than a pound! following a good nights sleep we headed off the next day to the floating market but ended up paula getting talked into by a woman off the street going on a 'tuk tuk tour' including a visit to the 'government tourist information' and a hard sell on their trips non of which we booked! we saw the golden mountain numerous wats which I cant remember the name of them all and ended up back on khao san drinking cheap beer and met some lads from belgium, usa and wales, another visit to street food and 2 bottles of thai rum later we headed off to see a 'ping pong show' which i wont go into any more detail about but learning the art of peeing drunk into an eastern toilet after a few too many isnt easy! a serious headache in the morning resulted in staying in bed till 3pm and heading out that night to the lebua state tower hotel which featured in the hangover 2 for its rooftop bar on the 64th floor the views were amazing!!! the following day we headed off on foot which turned out to be 10 mile round trip visiting the wat po, royal palace and the emerald budda and a visit to the pharmacy for malaria tablets resulting in seriously sore feet before catching the night train to chaing mai!

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Bit of a long way


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A little bit about me

if you really want to know!

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Name: Rebecca Bennett

AKA: Becky/Bex, Dory (yes like the fish in finding nemo), Donna (Anyone have a drunken alter ego?)

Age 23 ( at the time of writing)

From: New Mills, Derbyshire, England

Likes: swimming, sunshine and sunbathing, shopping (what girl doesn't?), socialising, sight seeing, scuba diving ... enough with ones that begin with s! walking, cinema, drinking games, photography and visiting new places to name a few

Dislikes: Snoring is my biggest hate, Rude people who dont have basic manners, paying a lot of money for rubbish service, flight delays, stupid questions

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Why do I get that itchy feet syndrome?

No I'm not talking about a fungal feet infection....

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So growing up in New Mills, Derbyshire, England is a rather boring experience nothing really happens in the town as you get older you tend to appreciate whats around you more like the countryside, access to nice walks and parks etc - which when your younger you take for granted and don't realise people have to pay big money for some houses around here.

However even when your older there's still not that much to do so for this reason when I was 17 I applied to work for a UK tour operator overseas around Europe for the summer season when I turned 18, this summer season turned into 5 and also 3 winter seasons which allowed me to live in some wonderful and also not so wonderful places and meet some amazing people one of whom is my travelling buddy Paula Simpson!

The money however in working for UK tour operators doesn't exactly allow you to save big bucks for a round the world trip in a short space of time so in November 2011 i decided to return to the UK and settle down for a while to save some cash to fund my trip - In 18 months plus previous savings I have achieved my goal and am heading off again.

So what caused the itchy feet I wonder many a time - my grandma would say it runs in the family, my mum would say its because I have seen life past the traffic lights at Newtown and the A6 road to Stockport and I would say its a combination of many things both mum and grandma are probably right but also I have the complete inability to settle down and become a 'proper adult' friends will ask 'when are you going to settle down and have children and find a boyfriend' .......... well the answer to that is 'when I am good and ready' my mum didn't have my brother until she was 30 and me 37 so I'm in no rush -

I want to enjoy life and see what the world has to offer me first of all before settling down and regretting the things I didn't do or see later on in life, plus 8 grand in cash doesn't get you very far in the UK (not even a brand new decent car) but so far its got me a round the world ticket for 12 months, travel insurance, loads of clothes and travel kit and a good amount of cash to keep me going before I find a job down under in Australia.

So if thats what itchy feet does for you its good enough for me!

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The final 10 day countdown has begun

Get me on that plane!!!

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So I'm sitting here Wednesday 17th April a week to go until I catch the train down to London to stay with Paula for 2 nights before we leave for Bangkok on Friday 26th April 2013 at 14:05pm not that I'm on a countdown or anything!!! I finished work 2 weeks ago today the feeling of walking out that door on the final day at 5:00pm thinking thank god I never have to work here ever again and also believing that having 3 weeks off before i go away would give me plenty of time to get everything sorted and relax a bit -

How wrong was I!!!! I have had something to do each and everyday before I leave (no lie-ins for me!)

My packing isn't actually the worry for a change as I've had a trial run at that and so far its not too bad, minor a small telling off from paula about how much my toiletries are currently weighing in at (3.5kg to be precise) I dont think this is too bad who wants to be sat next to a smelly girl on the bus or train on their travels not me so why would i want to be that girl, the packing is the least of my concern.

My laptop on the other hand is it has decided a less than 2 weeks until the trip to crash and has had to go off to the computer doctors to be fixed who have told me they can back up my memory for £20 onto my own hard drive!!!! and If they fix it fully it is £60 or I can try and do it myself so all my research which is saved under book marks on the internet is lost bloody fantastic!

All in all I am now getting quite stressed out about everything and will be quite pleased to get on the plane and get to where we are heading, I think the fact that 25 is getting even closer is also annoying me and 2 weeks tomorrow I have only 1 year to the day left of being under 25 the age where people expect you to grow up and become a 'proper adult'

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